Getting SERIOUS about your socials

Social Media Marketing For Your Business

So you’ve landed on our website! That’s great news! It must mean you’re feeling somewhat serious about social media marketing.

Over the next few blogs, we’re hoping to remove the somewhat out of that sentence. Here’s the thing: social media is only becoming more and more saturated. As algorithm changes grow more frequent, and continue to favour paid over organic advertising, it’s increasingly hard to grow.

What does this mean for YOU? You need to be on it NOW. And best yet, you need to be using it effectively now too.

Check out the benefits you’re currently missing out on:

Increased brand recognition. Every user and their dog are using social media in 2019. If they can’t find you online, they probably can’t find you at all. Imagine that you don’t exist in the minds of your customers. If you’re not on social media, this may as well be your reality.

Increased opportunities to convert. Social Media provides small businesses like yourself with a direct link to your customers. Now why wouldn’t you take advantage of that link? Every time you post, you offer an opportunity for your customer to react and engage with your brand. Over time, you’re increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Higher brand authority. The days of cold-calling people to spread the word about your brand are over. Do it with grace and do it with class on social media. Become the leader of conversation with the use of a single, strategic #hashtag.

Still unsure if social media is worth the hype? Email us and let’s have a chat about what social media, and more importantly, our team of social experts, can do for YOU and your business!

At this point, the worst you could do is wait..

Your business is unique so we’ll customize a marketing plan just for you.

To drastically increase customer awareness and sales, contact us right now at 0422829644 for an explosion in sales and profits 💥.

Here’s to your success

Ram Valia


Marketing Transformers


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